[DRBD-user] SDP Connection problems with DRBD 8.4.6

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Thu Nov 19 17:33:16 CET 2015

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On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 10:06:45AM -0500, Chuck Bredestege wrote:
> If SDP is no longer supported in the 8.4.x series - the documentation
> should likely be updated to reflect that fact, and the transport option
> disabled.

I seem to remember that it used to work even with 8.4.
So maybe there is/was some variant of the SDP module out there
that implements the sk_state_change() hooks DRBD uses to notice
the established connection. Or maybe I misremember.
So maybe, yes, we may need to drop it from the docs.

> https://drbd.linbit.com/users-guide/s-replication-transports.html

> Also - If you are curious:
> A few lines from the NPtcp test of regular TCP versus SDP over the

You can safely assume I am aware of such benchmarks ;-)
But they do not say much about what you can get for *DRBD* over SDP.
But yes, if that was not the case, we had never even bothered to
implement SDP.

>From what I hear, SDP is considered "dead" anyways,
and the future is in "native" RDMA ("verbs").
We will provide that with drbd 9.

> The plan is to use DRBD in our production environment to add some more
> reliability to our virtual machines.

Just like everybody else ;-)

> If IPv4 is just flat out more supported and more stable then I will
> just use that and tune it the best I can.

IP (v4 or 6, does not matter) is what everybody is using.
So yes.

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