[DRBD-user] Variable sync rate configuration default values

Georg Schönberger gschoenberger at thomas-krenn.com
Wed May 13 15:40:31 CEST 2015

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The 8.4.x Users guide has some miss leading content about c-plan-ahead,
c-fill-target and c-min-rate:
The following statement seems not to be correct:
*The default value of plan_time is 0, the default unit is 0.1 seconds.
Fill_target has 0 and sectors as default unit. Delay_target has 1
(100ms) and 0.1 as default unit. Max_rate has 10240 (100MiB/s) and KiB/s
as default unit.

According to
the default values are:
* c-plan-ahead 20;
* c-fill-target 50k;
* c-min-rate 250k;

Would it be possible to update the user guide?

Thanks, Georg

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