[DRBD-user] Add show-default to drbdsetup man page

Georg Schönberger gschoenberger at thomas-krenn.com
Wed May 13 14:53:52 CEST 2015

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I just figured out how to show the default configuration values with
# drbdsetup 1 show --show-default
resource r1 {
    options {
        cpu-mask        	""; # default
        on-no-data-accessible	io-error; # default
    net {
        protocol        	C; # default
        timeout         	60; # 1/10 seconds, default
        max-epoch-size  	2048; # default
        max-buffers     	2048; # default
        unplug-watermark	128; # default
        connect-int     	10; # seconds, default
        ping-int        	10; # seconds, default
        sndbuf-size     	0; # bytes, default
        rcvbuf-size     	0; # bytes, default
        ko-count        	7; # default

Would it be possible to add that option to the man page?
I did not find a hint there and searched some time on the mailing list
to find that option.

All the best, Georg

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