[DRBD-user] Problem Building on Linux for Power

Neale Ferguson neale at sinenomine.net
Thu Mar 19 20:30:53 CET 2015

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In user/libgen1.h there is the following:

#define __unused attribute(unused)

It doesn’t appear that this definition is used by any of the drbd code but
in <sys/ucontext.h> for Linux on Power, this name is used:

typedef struct {
        unsigned long   __unused[4];
        int             signal;

Causing the build to fail.

Instead of deleting the __unused definition I renamed it __UNUSED just in
case someone wants it later and let the build complete successfully.

--- drbd-utils-8.9.0/user/libgenl.h	2015/03/19 19:17:27	1.1
+++ drbd-utils-8.9.0/user/libgenl.h	2015/03/19 19:17:56
@@ -46,12 +46,12 @@
 #define min_t(type, x, y) ({                    \
         type __min1 = (x);                      \
         type __min2 = (y);                      \
         __min1 < __min2 ? __min1: __min2; })
-#ifndef __unused
-#define __unused __attribute((unused))
+#ifndef __UNUSED
+#define __UNUSED __attribute((unused))
 #ifndef __read_mostly
 #define __read_mostly

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