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Hi Antonio

Host = The system installed in the physical computer
Guest = The Virtual Machine installed in the Host
Virtio-Block = Driver for access to the disk (Technology popular in KVM)
Virtio-Net = Driver for access to the network (Technology popular in KVM)
KVM = (Kernel Virtual Machine), system of Virtualization developed mainly by Red hat - Open Source
HA = High Availability
OS = Operating System

I am using KVM that comes with Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE), PVE have a Web graphic environment very nice for administer it, also with HA for the VMs, and of course with DRBD,  although DRBD is not mainly supported by PVE, it works very well for me.

I know that many people changed of ESXi to PVE (reading in the forum)

Talking about of PVE, please see these links:
- The ISO installer of Proxmox VE:
-PVE has a forum very active for do questions:

Moreover, between several VMs, i have a VM in HA with Centos, MySQL, apache (and with DRBD for this VM that be in HA), and as in Linux, the virtio drivers works more fast that in Windows systems, i prefer use Linux as OS for MySQL. For better performance of MySQL, always is preferable to have as much RAM as the size of the databases of MySQL, also configure MySQL for use all this amount of memory, with it, you will earn a 80% of the optimization of MySQL.

I hope these comments be helpful.

Best regards
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  Hi list:

  Thanks for your replies.

  I will have MySQL on these two servers. On our environment there are a lot of read/write transactions so speed is very important for perform everyday actions.

  I don't understand when you say about virtio-block and virtio-net. What is that? Some configuration method for VM?
  What do you want to say when you speak about host and guest? I think that an iESX has a lot of VM and a VM is a ¿guest? What is the "host"?

  Thanks for your suggestions.

  Thanks in advance.


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