[DRBD-user] DRBD on virtual machine

Cesar Peschiera brain at click.com.py
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What services do you want to have in the server?, and
At peak times, how many speed of write do you need?

(If you don't need speed for write of blocks of disk and network, DRBD can be installed in the guest).

Also you can search by Internet the benchmarks of virtio-block and virtio-net.
for example:

KVM, best practices:

I think that you should to use LVM as block device and not as a file system for your VMs (recomended by IBM), and also use it with DRBD (in terms of performance, if DRBD is installed in the Host and not in the guest, it will be your best option).


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  Hi list: 

  ​​Firstly thanks for your replies.

  Supposed to be worse performance using VM but, is so dramatic? 
  Now I have a physical architecture with HA and I plan migrate these to VM with another hosting provider. I think that with RAM, CPU and storage there will be no problem ...

  Do you need more info?

  Thanks in advance.


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