[DRBD-user] Best practice: drbd+lvm+gfs2+dm-crypt on dual primary

Patrick Prilisauer prilisauer at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 12 16:13:29 CET 2015

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What should I report?

The Cluster peer to peer worked fine under centos 7 under 6.6 after about 5
minutes the devices reports "desitnation unreachable"... and over night one
node rebooted und could not boot any more,.. the other one booted and run
fine, but now both don't come up.

/dev/mapper/vg_at01.....-user is mounted
e2fsck: cannot continue, aborting

could this occur by clvmd?

2015-02-09 19:12 GMT+01:00 Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca>:

> On 09/02/15 01:03 PM, Patrick Prilisauer wrote:
> > Hey,.. well I know many shortcuts ;-P SLES, RHEL aka EL,etc... so
> > XENserver "must" be fine too.
> >
> > My goal is to have:
> >
> > a Server for KVM hosting... Mail server (Open change + Cyrus +
> > postfix,...) Fileserver, AD DC using Samba 4,
> >
> > and some more services...
> >
> > If you Ask yourself why I try to do this using an Atom 2750 8 Core ad 16
> > GB on Standard Sata disks I can answer it easily. I have to serve this
> > services for 5 User and I do not have to care about High IO loads etc,
> > to separate sequential from random IO to push the performance higher.
> >
> > My second Problem is that this server have their place in very small
> > room without any possibility of cooling. So Atom with 20W TDP each must
> > do this.
> >
> > another reason is the physical size,..
> >
> > If I would try to put one of my HP DL 380 I have at home, I would not be
> > able to close the door..
> >
> > So better don't ask why I choose this components. It even took me 2
> > hours to disassemble and assemble the rack again in fact the door frame
> > was 3mm smaller :-P
> >
> > BUT I must see the good things: SCSI Cluster no longer exists…. My first
> > and my worst shared storage.
> I have no thoughts or concerns about performance, that's a question for
> you and your users. I only care about properly built HA. :)
> If your goal is to build an HA VM platform, and setup your HA
> applications in VMs, you could try following the tutorial as it is (cman
> + rgmanager + drbd). It may not be the most up-to-date set of
> applications, but it's very well field tested.
> --
> Digimer
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