[DRBD-user] Configuring a DRBD resource as a Physical Volume

Marc Ballat marc at ballat.be
Tue Dec 29 07:27:14 CET 2015

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0. I have two hosts running debian jessie from /dev/sdb.

1. I followed the user guide and created a drbd resource directly on a
partition (/dev/sda1).

2. On top of my resource (/dev/drbd2), I created a LVM volume group
(VG1) and a logical volume (data2).  I created an ext4 filesystem on

Step 1 was done on two hosts (proxmox2, primary and proxmox3, secondary).
Step 2 was replicated by drbd from proxmox2 to proxmox3 with the
exception that the entries under /dev were not (/dev/VG1 and

While fiddling and trying to find a way to create the entries under
/dev on proxmox3, I tried to demote proxmox2:data2 from primary to
secondary but it complains that

root at proxmox2:# drbdadm secondary data2
data2: State change failed: (-12) Device is held open by someone
Command 'drbdsetup secondary data2' terminated with exit code 11

The user-guide covers the early steps but ignores the complications.
I am new to drbd but I'd be willing to contribute to a more complete
user guide if I manage to finish my configuration ;-)



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