[DRBD-user] issue with ipv6

Matthew Vernon mcv21 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Dec 11 19:16:48 CET 2015

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On 04/12/15 00:45, Judit Flo Gaya wrote:

> # drbdadm adjust all
> drbdsetup show drbd17:9: Parse error: 'TK_IPADDR6' expected,
> 	but got 'ipv6' (TK 315)

I can reproduce this on my Debian setup (8.9.2rc1 drbdadm). In
particular, the failing seems to be in drbdsetup show. e.g.:

drbdsetup show mws-priv-21 output contains:

    _remote_host {
        address                 ipv6 [ipv6 [ipv6 [ipv6 [ip]:7816;
    _this_host {
        address                 ipv6 [ipv6 [ipv6 [ipv6 [ip]:7816;

where the .res file has:

  on ophon {
    address ipv6 [2001:630:212:8::8d:2]:7816;
  on opus {
    address ipv6 [2001:630:212:8::8d:1]:7816;

So I think the bug is that drbdsetup isn't parsing the ipv6
specification properly, and this is confusing drbdadm adjust?



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