[DRBD-user] DRBD terrible sync performance on 10GigE

Hiroshi Fujishima h-fujishima at sakura.ad.jp
Fri Dec 4 02:15:02 CET 2015

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Emmanuel Florac <eflorac at intellique.com> writes:

> However, no matter the way I configure DRBD, the throughput is limited
> to 100MB/s. It really looks like some hardcoded limit. I can reliably
> lower performance by tweaking the settings, but it never goes over
> 1Gbit (122MB/s are reached for a couple of seconds at a time). I'm
> really pulling my hair on this one.
>     plain vanilla kernel 3.18.24 amd64
>     drbd 8.9.2~rc1-1~bpo70+1

the following configuration may solve the problem.

    net {
        max-buffers      131072;
        max-epoch-size   20000;
    disk {
        c-plan-ahead       0;
        resync-rate      200M;

Hiroshi Fujishima

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