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On 16/04/15 01:45 AM, Andreas Pflug wrote:
> Am 16.04.15 um 04:42 schrieb Digimer:
>> I ran into an odd problem today that turned out to be a network issue. I
>> couldn't find much when I was googling the error, so here is a post for
>> the archives.
>> ...
>> Turns out, I had set the MTU=9000 on the network interfaces (bonded
>> pairs) but had neglected to enable jumbo frames on my switches.
>> Oops.
>> Don't do what Digimer Dont does.
> You'd have avoided this altogether with a dedicated link, avoiding any
> unnecessary intermediate hops...
> Regards,
> Andreas

I understand, but disagree with this approach. In my experience, there
are times where switches are beneficial. For example; If an interface
fails, in a back to back config, both links drop and you can't easily
tell which node is faulty. Secondly, many managed switches offer
features that are appealing, like bandwidth monitoring, cable
diagnostics, etc.

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