[DRBD-user] A question about DRBD-8.4.6rc1

松浦 健太 matsuura_kenta_y5 at lab.ntt.co.jp
Mon Apr 6 04:19:53 CEST 2015

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Please teach me because the following behavior of DRBD-8.4.6rc1 do not know.
When I perform the following steps, DRBD of old data was promoted to

  Step 1 :
      Start the DRBD on 2 node, and promote one node to Primary.
  Step 2 :
      Stop the DRBD of Secondary.
  Step 3 :
      Write to the DRBD data on Primary.
  Step 4 :
      Stop the DRBD of Primary.
  Step 5 :
      Start the DRBD of Secondary only.
  Step 6 :
      Promote the DRBD of started Step 5 to Primary.

When used DRBD-8.4.5, don't able to promote the DRBD at Step 6.

Is this behavior is correct?

Best Regards, 
Kenta Matsuura.

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