[DRBD-user] Filesystem corruption on 1 node

Nelson Hicks nelsonh at socket.net
Tue Sep 23 17:18:27 CEST 2014

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I would start by performing a consistency check to make sure the backing
devices on both sides are consistent. Make sure you're mounting the
resource (/dev/drbd*) and not the resource's backing device (/dev/sd*
or /dev/md* or /dev/disk/*, for example). Make sure both nodes are
running OS versions and kernels that support the filesystem (ext4). Make
sure the resources on both sides are configured for the same IP
addresses and ports, so that you're not accidentally connecting two
different resources (though the metadata should prevent this under any
sane circumstances).

If you suspected a network data integrity problem (faulty network card
or driver), you could try enabling data-integrity-alg to test it, but do
not leave that setting on in production.

That's all I can think of as generic suggestions. Knowing more about the
installed environment and your configuration may help.

Nelson Hicks
Network Operations
(573) 817-0000 ext. 210
nelsonh at socket.net

On Tue, 2014-09-23 at 10:24 +0000, Tiaan Wessels wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a DRBD cluster with 2 nodes. I have the following experiment:
> - i stop any cluster management so it can't interfere with my
> experiment
> - drbd-overview shows both nodes resource secondary
> - one node 1 i promote the resource to primary
> - i mount it succesfully as ext4
> - i unmount it and set it back to secondary
> - i verify using drbd-overview that both nodes have the resource
> Connected and UpToDate
> - on node 2 i promote it to primary
> - i try to mount it but there are filesystem errors that i need to fix
> with fsck
> I am puzzled how this is possible when node 1 cleanly unmounts, the
> resource shows to be up-to-date but node 2 fails to mount it
> Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
> Thanks
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