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Wed Oct 29 05:34:31 CET 2014

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Hi all,

Here is my problem :
I've got two servers connected via a switch with a dedicated 1Gb NIC. We
have a SSD raid 1 on both servers (software RAID on Redhat 6.5).
Using dd command I can reach ~180MB/s (dd if=/dev/zero
of=/home/oracle/output conv=fdatasync bs=384k count=1k; rm -f
Using scp to copy a 3GB file through the network uses all the bandwith
(~80/90 MB/s)
Full sync between the primary and the secondary is from 3MB/s to 12MB/s (I
start with a speed of 60MB/s during less than a minute and then drop to
My drbd partition is 200GB and I use drbd 8.4.4.
My config file is as follow :

  net {
         cram-hmac-alg "sha1";
         shared-secret "secret";
         sndbuf-size 512k;
         max-buffers 8000;
         max-epoch-size 8000;
         verify-alg sha1;
         after-sb-0pri disconnect;
         after-sb-1pri disconnect;
         after-sb-2pri disconnect;

  disk {
        al-extents 3389;
        fencing resource-only;

  syncer {
        rate 60M;

I tried protocol A and C, increasing then decreasing rate speed, adding
"c-plan-ahead 0"  but got the same sync speed.
How can I find where is the bottleneck ?
iostat report 100%util on /dev/drbd0 on the secondary.
vmstat and mpstat report all the CPU as idle (secondary)
The flag "n" -> "network socket contention" is regularly showing up on the
primary (/proc/drbd)
ethtool report 1GB on both host (I also tried to replicate on another NIC)

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