[DRBD-user] strange drbd bug

Igor Novgorodov igor at novg.net
Tue Oct 14 22:19:07 CEST 2014

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>> 8.4.4 downloaded from official repository, compiled out of tree.
>> Kernel is 3.12.14
>> with only scst req_fifo patch
> I don't know about that one
It applies to scsi subsystem, so shouldn't affect drbd, i think.
>> & iscsi_putpage_callback patch applied.
> But last time I've seen this one,
> it did not properly work together with DRBD.
> Possibly causing potential memory corruption, even? Not sure.
> Has this been revisited?
I've got 2+ years of stable operation of drbd 8.4.x with this patch applied.
The boxes were exporting drbd devices through iscsi, the usual thing.
No lockups, corruptions etc whatsoever. Load is relatively high, nodes 
1year+, so i think it does not hurt drbd.

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