[DRBD-user] <1>netlink: policy violation t:6[6] e:-34

Claudius Herder claudius.herder at tiri.li
Thu Nov 20 15:21:28 CET 2014

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Hi all,

I compiled drbd-utils-8.9.1.tar.gz and drbd-8.4.5.tar.gz from
http://oss.linbit.com/drbd/ for XenServer 6.2.

Everything seems to work as expected, but on start I get the following

# /etc/init.d/drbd start
Starting DRBD resources: [
     create res: r0
   prepare disk: r0
    adjust disk: r0
     adjust net: r0
<1>netlink: policy violation t:6[6] e:-34

0: reply did not validate - do you need to upgrade your userland tools?

# cat /proc/drbd
version: 8.4.5 (api:1/proto:86-101)
GIT-hash: 1d360bde0e095d495786eaeb2a1ac76888e4db96 build by root at xxxxx,
2014-11-08 04:51:10
 0: cs:Connected ro:Primary/Primary ds:UpToDate/UpToDate C r-----
    ns:0 nr:0 dw:0 dr:0 al:0 bm:0 lo:0 pe:0 ua:0 ap:0 ep:1 wo:f oos:0

Is this something to worry about?
I thought drbd-utils-8.9.1 and drbd-8.4.5 were compatible.

Thanks in advance

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