[DRBD-user] 40MBps Sync Limit 8.4.4 and Above

Darren Ginter dsginter at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 18:44:51 CET 2014

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Hello all,

With Ubuntu 14.04 (drbd 8.4.4), I cannot get more than 40MBps out of the
initial DRBD initialization sync no matter what settings (sync-rate,
c-max-rate, c-min-rate, etc).  I've been playing with this for tens of
hours now.  I've tried drbd 8.4.5 and above to no avail.

With Ubuntu 12.04 (drbd 8.4.3) I can max out a 10GbE NIC without issue on
the same hardware.

Unfortunately, Ubuntu 12.04 does not play nice with MegaRAID.  So, either I
need to fix drbd on 14.04 or fix MegaRAID on 12.04 (which does not appear
to be an option).


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