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Csanad Novak csanad at pixelfusion.co.nz
Mon May 12 23:57:21 CEST 2014

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Recently on the latest AWS Summit I’ve seen an interesting setup for utilising the AWS EC2 instance storage. The instance storage is the local filesystem on the Amazon cloud, unfortunately it is not persistent - all data get lost if the instance stops. For persistent storage one must use an so called EBS volume, which is a network attached block device. Unfortunately the EBS storage performance is varies, depending on the neighbour instances’ traffic. An ideal world one can use the instance storage without the worry of data loss.

On the latest AWS Summit a presenter proposed an architecture where the instance storage was utilised and was synced with DRBD to the EBS block device. http://www.slideshare.net/AmazonWebServices/so-you-think-you-are-an-aws-ninja-dean-samuels - slide 11.

I wonder how an example config would looks like. I went trough quickly on the tutorials, but couldn’t find any example with one host setup.

I would appreciate every help.



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