[DRBD-user] 10M with double head?

Christian Völker knebb at knebb.de
Tue Mar 18 19:13:32 CET 2014

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Hi all,

I' using drbd meanwhile for some years and it's working pretty straight
forward. I really like it. Currently I'm using it just as a security
instance- writes occur only on the primary node.

Now I'm thinking of implementing it for a new setup I'll describe below:

Two sites which are connected with a 10Mb line (yes, ten! :() and there
are users accessing a server located at site A. Obviously this is really
slow for the users on site B.

I was thinking if I could use DRBD to mirror the content of the server
share to a second DRBD enabled server on site B. There will be (rarely)
writes on both sites so I assume I have to use a clusterFS (which of
them is best on slow lines?) to allow writes on both sites.  Writes
should happen through Win/Samba AND NFSv3.

How about the performance in this case? Well, reads would be fast as
they would come from the local drbd device. Would writes be slow on both
sites? Limited to the 10Mbit? Or would a write be fast and synced in
background?`Do I need to have drbd Proxy for this in order to archive an
acceptable performance?

I'm aware to kill one node if the connection fails to prevent split brain.

Well, I'm unsure if this solution would be helpful for our environment.
We're not looking for any failover functionality. We just have some
files which we need to be present on both sites- r/w and with acceptable
performance. And no, the 10M line is the max we can afford :-(



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