[DRBD-user] primary crashing under high load

Andreas Pflug pgadmin at pse-consulting.de
Mon Jun 30 16:25:01 CEST 2014

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I'm running a pair of Debian wheezy machines A and B with Xen 4.1 and a
wheezy-backport kernel 3.14.7 to have drbd 8.4.3.
Both machines are interconnected with a dedicated 1GB Intel 82574L
(e1000e) drbd link, mtu=9216, storage is a fast battery-backed caching
RAID controller each.

There are 3 drbd devices active:
drbd7 UpToDate/UpToDate and being filled by a vm using rsync (steady
data rate of about 5.7MB/s)
drbd12 UpToDate/Incosistent being resynced after initial creation, about
drbd22 UpToDate/UpToDate being filled with arbitrary data using scp,
some MB/s.

Resync is configured c-fill-target 512k; c-min-rate 2M; c-max-rate 50M

I've observed several crashes of the machine that has drbd7 and drbd22
primary, whether I use machine A or B for that. The kernel log of the
faulting maching shows zero logging, just freshly rebooting, the other
that stays up doesn't have any hint in kern.log either. Everthing is
fine until "PingAck not arrived" and all connections go down.

How can I find out what's leading to the crash?


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