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Or you could just do a "pvdestroy /dev/drbd/by-res/<name>" on the host...

Sorry for the tofu..

Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca> schrieb:
>On 29/01/14 06:40 PM, Paul O'Rorke wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> a quick question.  I have a DRBD resource that was once used as a
>> for a Linux machine that used LVM.  I want to create a new VM (KVM
>> based) that uses this resource.  I can start the installation OK -
>> installer 'sees' the 300GB drive (/dev/drbd/by-res/<resource>) but
>> I try using the partition manager in the Debian (guest) installer it
>> complains that there is already LVM data on there and it won't allow
>> to use the drive without first cleaning up the LVM config on there.
>> Is it possible to mount the resource in the host and use the command
>> line LVM tools to 'clean' that up?  I was thinking that maybe I could
>> use *dd* to clone a new clean resource of the same size but that
>> silly.
>> Does anyone have any suggestions for 'formatting' this resource so
>> it looks again like a clean un-partitioned disk?
>> Thanks in advance.
>Simplest would be to write zeros to the device;
>dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/drbd/by-res/<resource> bs=4M
>If you know that the LVM metadata is at the first or end of the drive, 
>you can limit the dd to count=X or use of offset to hit the end of the 
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