[DRBD-user] formatting a DRBD resource

Paul O'Rorke paul at tracker-software.com
Thu Jan 30 00:40:27 CET 2014

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Hi all,

a quick question.  I have a DRBD resource that was once used as a drive 
for a Linux machine that used LVM.  I want to create a new VM (KVM 
based) that uses this resource.  I can start the installation OK - the 
installer 'sees' the 300GB drive (/dev/drbd/by-res/<resource>) but when 
I try using the partition manager in the Debian (guest) installer it 
complains that there is already LVM data on there and it won't allow me 
to use the drive without first cleaning up the LVM config on there.

Is it possible to mount the resource in the host and use the command 
line LVM tools to 'clean' that up?  I was thinking that maybe I could 
use *dd* to clone a new clean resource of the same size but that seems 

Does anyone have any suggestions for 'formatting' this resource so that 
it looks again like a clean un-partitioned disk?

Thanks in advance.

*Paul O'Rorke*
Tracker Software Products
paul at tracker-software.com <mailto:paul.ororke at tracker-software.com>

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