[DRBD-user] I have tried to read the manual of drbd 8.4 and use it but I seem to not understand what the issue is.

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Sun Jan 26 20:57:54 CET 2014

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Yes I do have communication in all the levels.
TCP, UDP, ARP and others.
iptables is disabled on the tests.
The module is loaded but seems like the userland version and the module 
version are not compatible.
On some Ubuntu bug reports there was someone that stated that there is 
no need for compatible versions such as 3.3.11 userland can work with 
3.3.13 module.
or 3.4.X module would work with a 3.3.X userland tools.
It seems to me like wrong but still they said it and there for these 
guys don't have the solution.

I would try later on to verify the issue with Ubuntu and OpenSUSE.


On 26/01/14 18:21, Rabin Yasharzadehe wrote:
> Do you have communication between the nodes over this port (make sure
> you iptables is configured)?
> Is the drbd module loaded?
> And this is I configure my resources,
>     resource testvm1root {
>     device        /dev/drbd1;
>        meta-disk     internal;
>     disk          /dev/sata1/testvm1root;
>     on node1 {
>          Address <>;
>        }
>        on node2 {
>     address <>;
>        }
>     }

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