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Bauer, Stefan (IZLBW Extern) Stefan.Bauer at iz.bwl.de
Wed Jan 22 10:05:02 CET 2014

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Hi Robert,

greetings to Leoben :) I hope you're doing well.

The drbd device is in sync again. Something just went wrong on the initial deployment.  We checked the raid controller and all the disks - nothing is faulty. 
We will have an eye on it.


Stefan Bauer

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Yes, that should do the trick. However, ot be on the safe side and also check if the culperit might be the RAID controller underneath it aoud make sense to trigger a full resync by disconnecting on the Secondary (drbdadm disconnect resourcename), invalidating (drbdadm invalidate resourcename) on the secondary and then reconnecting (drbdadm connect resourcename). After the ensuing resync is finished run another verify. If you get OOS blocks again, chances are you are writing nonsense to the disk.
IIRC DRBD checks the integrity of the transmission then data intrgirity checking is active, but not the actual blocks on disk. there it relies on the underlying layers of the storage subsystem to actually write the data as it was transmitted. A cronjob runing a verify once every while and another one checking for any OOS blocks (parsing /proc/drbd) and triggering a disconnect/reconnect if any are found, might be a good idea. Maybe someone from LINBIT can comment on this and come up with confirmation or a better solution. Ideally OOS blocks would be fixed automatically with the option todisable this function using the config.
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wouldn't a simple disconnect/reconnect do the trick?

After the handshake, drbd will want to sync all blocks with non-zero bits in the bitmap.


On 01/07/2014 04:51 PM, Christian Hammers wrote:
> Try "drbdadm invalidate clusterdb_res" on your *secondary* node.
> This will start a complete resync from the primary node and copies 
> every block whose checksum mismatches. Can take some hours, though.
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