[DRBD-user] Protocol C: Disable write if secondary node is disconnected

Vivek Goel goelvivek2011 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 13:36:53 CET 2014

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According to DRBD documentation.

Protocol C. Synchronous replication protocol. Local write operations on the
primary node are considered completed only after both the local and the
remote disk write have been confirmed. As a result, loss of a single node
is guaranteed not to lead to any data loss. Data loss is, of course,
inevitable even with this replication protocol if both nodes (or their
storage subsystems) are irreversibly destroyed at the same time

But what will be the behavior is second node in not in connected mode ?
I tried some test cases. After primary node is allowing to in respect of
secondary node status.

Is there a way I can disable write if secondary node is not in connected
mode ?

Vivek Goel
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