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Tue Jan 14 18:38:54 CET 2014

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  I've been working a similar setup with 2 nodes and a quorem server and 
have not had much success. I'm moving on to drbd9 as the three active 
node setup looks appealing, however, for some reason not communicated to 
me, the moderators blocked (or didnt process) my last submission to 
drbd-user.  If I have any success, I'll post it, assuming its not 
blocked again.
(no,I  was not foul mouthed or unprofessional)

On 1/14/2014 2:57 AM, Nedelin Rusev wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using drbd for a few months now and I am far from an expert. 
> So please excuse me for any stupid question.
> I have the following task:
> - Cluster of 3 nodes(Node1 and Node2 - main nodes, Node3 - backup 
> node). I know I should use Stacked devices.
> - Managed by Pacemaker(version 1.1.8).
> - Drbd(version 8.3) replication between the 3 nodes.
> - Node3 is backup. It should stay slave until both Node1 and Node2 are 
> down. In this case, Node3 should be able to bring up all the resources 
> automatically. Once Node1 and/or Node2 are up, Node3 should pass the 
> resources back to them.
> I searched the web, did lots of setups and tests with the existing 
> drbd resource agent. No success. It seems that the default drbd RA is 
> unable to handle this configuration.
> So I decided to extend it for my particular case. I did this and 
> succeeded, but the setup seems heavy, complex and difficult to track. 
> And sometimes crashes.
> I don't mind discussing my setup.
> But for now I'd like to ask this:
> - Have you approached such configuration before? Did you come up with 
> solution?
> - Is there working configuration for such setup? I mean using the 
> existing drbd resource agent
> - Can I ask for an example? Guidelines?
> Thanks in advance.
> Greetings, Nedelin.
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