[DRBD-user] proto c - corrupt files - directories missing

Stefan Bauer stefan.bauer at cubewerk.de
Tue Jan 7 17:26:26 CET 2014

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Von:	Lionel Sausin <ls at numerigraphe.com>
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Betreff:	Re: [DRBD-user] proto c - corrupt files - directories missing
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> Le 07/01/2014 17:08, Christian Hammers a écrit :
> >> Unfortunately i can not find informations in the man page that drbdadm 
> invalidate is only copying the blocks with_mismatched_  checksum. Where did you 
> get that from?
> You just need to disconnect then reconnect for the blocks to be copied.
> But make sure you know WHY the blocks got out of sync in the first 
> place. did you maybe mount the secondary's low-level device? Or is your 
> disk dying?

No, we never mounted the devices without the cluster manager. Hardware does not report any issues. It's all hardware redundand and no issues are shown. Hardware-Raid is sane as well as the disks. I also did a memcheck. Maybe the broadcom nics are the pain in the neck.



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