[DRBD-user] High IOwait with rsync on DRBD-OCFS2-NFS node

Vasily S. Kostroma admin at v-sf.info
Sat Jan 4 01:04:31 CET 2014

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Happy holidays, friends.
It's my first message in this list.

I have two 100% same servers with two logical drives - one for system 
and second one for DRBD primary-primary configuration. The servers 
connected via dedicated Gb NIC's via crossover cable. Operational system 
is Debian 7, file system for DRBD is OCFS2. Additionally I using NFS 
server to share a files from DRBD drive to other servers. The 
configuration is very simple. Just one resource with internal metadata. 
Nothing special.

But I have a problem and, unfortunately, I have no idea how to fix it.
I using Node1 as primary and Node2 as secondary. I mean clients 
(web-servers) are connecting to Node1 via NFS, and backup's running on 
Node2. Example. I starting rsync on Node2 to sync a local folder with 
folder on the same server, but DRBD+OCFS2. It's working fine, but in 
backup time the NFS server on Node1 stop working till backup on Node2 is 
in progress. A NFS processes (threads) is on "D" state in top. After 
backups completed the NFS start working perfectly. Just for additional 
attention: I running rsync on Node2, but NFS stop working on Node1.

I will appreciate any idea what is wrong.. All settings is almost 
default, but problem is there :(

Sorry for my English.
And thank you in advance.
Happy holidays!

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