[DRBD-user] drbd Input/output error

Piotr Kloc pio at rdl.pl
Sun Feb 16 21:11:42 CET 2014

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> LVM grabbed the device before DRBD got to it.
> If you have VGs on drbd resources, you need a filter so the raw device 
> doesn't get mounted at boot time. It works before laying down the VG, 
> because at boot the VG doesn't exist. After you have configured logical 
> volumes on the drbd resource, on the next boot LVM takes them over before 
> DRBD can get them.
> There are some device name filters needed in the configuration (Don't know 
> the specifics, I've not done this. You show the file -
> /etc/lvm/lvm.conf - but all lines are commented out!) that will skip the 
> /dev/mdx as candidates for VGs, allow DRBD to get at them and create the 
> drbd resources.
> Your data is probably fine, but on which node?

Yes,my all data are ok on the first node.


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