[DRBD-user] drbd Input/output error

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Sat Feb 15 22:18:56 CET 2014

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On 15/02/14 01:15 PM, Piotr Kloc wrote:
> There was normal operation for few weeks and after out of disk space on
> main partition the state of drbd changed to Diskless
> The both servers was rebooted already..
> Its possible to fix this in some way  ?

The problem is that DRBD is not talking to it's peer, and the local 
backing storage is dead. So DRBD has no access to data, thus, IO errors. 
If the other node is Outdated and the node you showed here can't be 
recovered, you will have to force the other node to primary and then 
connect to it (and any data that changed from the time after it last 
spoke to it's peer will be lost).

Look at the backing device /dev/mdX for failed members (cat 
/proc/mdstat). Identify which members have failed and see if they're 

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