[DRBD-user] "PingAck timeout" on system with multiple resources

Cédric Dufour - Idiap Research Institute cedric.dufour at idiap.ch
Sun Feb 2 21:29:01 CET 2014

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We are experiencing "PingAck timeout" on a system where multiple DRBD resources are configured (more exactly a pair of active/active Lustre MDS servers):

A --- drbd0 --- B  [nfs-data] idle
A --- drbd1 --- B  [nfs-apps] idle
A --- drbd2 --- B  [nfs-tmp] idle
A --> drbd3 --> B  [mdt1] heavy load
A <-- drbd4 <-- B  [mdt2] heavy load
A --- drbd5 --- B  [mgs] idle

Our environment is DRBD 8.4.4, with "ping-int = 10s" and "ping-timeout = 25" (2.5s)

The link between the two servers is 20Gb/s Infiniband (configured in datagram mode).

Strangely, the timeout occurs on an idle resource (e.g. drbd1) when two of the other resources ('mdt1' and 'mdt2') are heavily loaded (and displaying no connection/timeout problem what-so-ever).

Looking at the source code, I believe that DRBD cannot know about the potentially "congested" link (because of the heavily loaded resources, 'mdt1' and 'mdt2') and the potentially resulting PingAck timeout it may spawn for another idle one (e.g. 'drbd1'). Am I right ?

Is there a way to circumvent this problem ?

Thanks and best,

Cédric Dufour

Cédric Dufour @ Idiap Research Institute

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