[DRBD-user] Dual-Head as ro?

Christian Völker knebb at knebb.de
Tue Dec 2 14:36:05 CET 2014

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Hi All,

>> Is it possible to run a two-node setup
> Yes.
>> *without* a clustered filesystem
> No.
Thought so. Never mind.

> But, what do you really want to solve, what exactly is the challenge?
> Lars 
Well, I need to connect two sites. As money is the limiting factor we
can not have more than a 10Mbit line which makes access to the files
very slow for one site.  Using clustered file system with drbd allowing
write access to both will afaik slow down (at least write) access for
both. No good. So I was thinking to teach the users and tell them to
have only a read-only share which is fast as it is connected through
drbd with local storage and in case they need to write use a different
volume (which micht be shared through NFSv4). But as even the ro access
is not working this is not a solution, too.

Second I was thinking to use drbd in some way as a backup helper. Main
site runs an ESXi host and I want to perform image backupcs of some VMs.
Backup is best to be stored on the second site. I was going to use
something like ghettoVCB to split the hughe image files into smaller
chunks. As a second idea I was thinking if I could rsync to a drbd
device which then transfers only the changed bytes to the other site
with the help of drbd- where the backup tool can copy them.

I know both scenarios are not the primary goal of drbd but I was
thinking it could work.



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