[DRBD-user] NOOB trying to work with Proxmox, LVM, an DRBD

John Moore (Compucom Systems Inc) v-johmo at microsoft.com
Mon Dec 1 18:39:23 CET 2014

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New to the user-list.  New to Proxmox.  An very new to LVM an DRBD.

I am having a issue with changing the partitioning of Proxmox.  I am running 2 HP DL 360 1U servers, each with 10GB RAM and 2x250GB SATA drives in a Mirror RAID (raid 1).  The 1 U chassis can only hold 2 HDs an I don't have any extra attached storage.  For a home environment, this should be more than sufficient except that I am blocked in reducing the partitions so I can make room for a drbd partition.

During install, I am using maxroot=20 an swapsize=10.  But the data partition is taking the rest of the drive space (about 210GB).  And this is where I am running into problem.

I really need someone explain to me what the Data Partition is meant for?  For a home environment, can the 20GB root partition contain the information which would have been held in the data partition?  I would like to reduce or remove the data partition, and use that space for a drbd partition.  I tried loading gparted, but I end up losing keyboard and mouse (both USB an PS2).  Unsure why on that.  Most my Linux installs are done from PXE, so I don't have any plans on storing ISO images on these servers.  An I am hoping all the VM files are going to be stored on the drbd partition.

Does proxmox have a variable that sets max disk usage I can use during install?  Or maybe a free space variable so a tech can tell proxmox to not make use of the entire disk?  This would be very useful for someone like me who wants unused disk space to prep for DRBD usage.  Shoot, what about a DRBD variable like the maxroot one so the install can pre create the DRBD partition.

I could really use some guidance so I can properly set this up or decide this distro is not a good fit for me.

John Moore
OSG VM Solutions Team

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