[DRBD-user] Xen migration with drbd

Wouter de Geus wouter-linbit.com at owl-ict.nl
Tue Apr 29 11:53:46 CEST 2014

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Hej folks,

I'm running two Xen 4.3.2 machines on which I'm running Drbd 8.4.3 (kernel 3.13.6).
Drbd works fine as a domU storage device (after hacking in phy in the block-drbd script, it only accepted drbd) using the xl toolstack.

My problem: migrating a host to the other machine.
It works, but somehow it fails to demote the old host to secondary status, so after the migration has completed (this part works) I have a situation
with 2 hosts in primary mode.
Is this a (known) problem in the block-drbd script?
Is there a newer version of the script somewhere that's better suited for the xl toolstack?

Thanks for reading.



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