[DRBD-user] Question bout Fencing method "resource-and-stonith" ?

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Thu Apr 3 00:40:25 CEST 2014

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On 02/04/14 06:36 PM, khaled atteya wrote:
> Hi
> Yes, when i crashed system , it fenced & rebooted.
> I am using fedora 20.
> corosync-2.3.3-1.fc20.x86_64
> pacemaker-1.1.11-1.fc20.x86_64
> drbd-8.4.3-2.fc20.x86_64

Ok, so this out of memory error is likely a bug in DRBD then.

I am curious about this:

Apr  2 13:28:15 n1 corosync[687]: [TOTEM ] Retransmit List: 15f
Apr  2 13:28:16 n1 corosync[687]: [TOTEM ] Marking ringid 1 interface FAULTY

It looks like corosync also failed when DRBD failed. I would be curious 
to see the logs below it. Is it possible that the other node's access to 
the failed node's IPMI was also lost?

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