[DRBD-user] possible split brain, neither node will promote to primary

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Thu Oct 17 21:18:48 CEST 2013

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On 17/10/13 15:08, Lonni J Friedman wrote:
> [ 1727.959118] block drbd0:   state = { cs:StandAlone
> ro:Secondary/Unknown ds:Inconsistent/DUnknown r----- }
> [ 1728.069711] block drbd0:  wanted = { cs:StandAlone
> ro:Primary/Unknown ds:Inconsistent/DUnknown r----- }

This is your problem. I suspect that you invalidated the node that had
been UpToDate. This is a pretty dangerous state to be in. If you have
critical data on this cluster, I _strongly_ recommend calling LinBit and
getting professional guidance. It will be worth the money.

That said;

The process will be a matter of deciding which node is actually UpToDate
and then forcing it into that role. Once done, connect should work and
the Inconsistent node should sync from UpToDate. You'll certainly want
to do an FS consistency check after.

To avoid this in the future, setup fencing (aka stonith). If you're
using pacemaker or cman+rgmanage, you can do this easily by hooking DRBD
into their existing fence/stonith facilities.

In any case, please proceed very carefully. If you promote the wrong
node, you could lose data / corrupt your FS.


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