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Urban Hakansson uhakansson at tecore.com
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The DRBD documentation states in Chapter 13(DRBD +8.4) and in Chapter 1 4 (DRBD < 8.4) , Using Xen with DRBD 

"Using DRBD VBDs" 

In order to use a DRBD resource as the virtual block device, you must add a line like the following to your Xen domU configuration: 
disk = [ 'drbd:<resource>,xvda,w' ] 
This example configuration makes the DRBD resource named resource available to the domU as /dev/xvda in read/write mode ( w )." 

What versions of Xen does this apply to? 

I have just installed Xen 4.2.1 (released Dec 18 2012) with drbd- 8.3.11-remus .tar.gz (from http://resmusha.wikidot.com) with Ubuntu 12.10, following the instructions at http://wiki.xen.org/wiki/Install_Xen_4.2.1_with_Remus_and_DRBD_on_Ubuntu_12.10, and I cannot create my HVM domUs if I use the drbd VBD type. I have to use the phy VBD type which is not desirable since Xen will not automatically promote the DRBD resource roles (Secondary,Primary) if I do this. 

I just wish to know if I need to apply the patch from remusha.wikidot, called "drbd-hvm-fix" in order to use HVM domUs , or if I need convert my HVM s to PVs o r do something else. 

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