[DRBD-user] ocf resource puts drbd in secondary mode on startup

"Вершинин В.И." Vershinin_VI at vlg-gaz.ru
Fri Oct 4 10:16:37 CEST 2013

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I am try to use two nodes active active drbd (8.4.2) configuration with 
pacemaker(1.1.10,1.1.9 ). The drbd is main resource in my cluster, so 
there is the first resource in order,and  other resources is co-located 
on drbd.

The two cluster nodes starts without any problem, and resource is 
correctly migrates to a on-line node, when I put another one to standby 

But if I put  standby node  on-line the drbd ocf resource try to demote 
drbd, so it stop co-located resources ( such as virtual domain ) before. 
I think, this is not what I want from cluster.

I look in ocf source file and find this code in drbd_start() function

drbd_start() {
         ocf_log warn "$DRBD_RESOURCE already Primary, demoting." 

         do_drbdadm secondary $DRBD_RESOURCE


So I have some questions for developers:

1. Is it nessesary to put drbd in secondary mode if it run as master?
2. Can this part of code stop my resources when i return standby node? 
3. What can happend if I  remove demoting code?

I think it must be like this

drbd_start() {
            ocf_log warn "$DRBD_RESOURCE already Primary." 



I shall try this, may be next night (to prevent rebooting my virtual 
servers in work time).

Thanks for drbd.


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