[DRBD-user] 8.4.4rc2 doesn't compile against 2.6.32 kernel (Ubuntu Lucid)

rf at q-leap.de rf at q-leap.de
Fri Oct 4 12:33:39 CEST 2013

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the compilation fails with:

/build/rfehren/pkg/upstream/drbd/drbd/build/drbd/drbd_nl.c: In function 'drbd_setup_queue_param':
/build/rfehren/pkg/upstream/drbd/drbd/build/drbd/drbd_nl.c:1159:13: error: 'struct queue_limits' has no member named 'discard_zeroes_data'

Is there a workaround for the missing discard_zeroes_data in 2.6.32?



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