[DRBD-user] data mismatch when primary/secondary are both up2date

Dan Barker dbarker at visioncomm.net
Fri Nov 29 15:25:38 CET 2013

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> In my cluster(node1/node2) with drbd, the state in /proc/drbd is   primary/secondary up2date/up2date, but when I change primary to node2 , the file that existed on node1 can not be found on node2.
Then I do "drbdadm verify drbd0" to verify and resync the data,  node2's data returned to be OK.

> I am wondering how the problem occurs and how I can avoid it? 

> BTW: I build a PV/VG/LV on drbd0, and drbd0 is built on a LV too.  Is this the reason?

> Thanks.

This sounds as if you are mixing drbd device accesses and backing device accesses, but insufficient details are given. Also, the verify succeeding seems to say something else may be going on.

Please provide more information, such as your LVM setup, drbd config, file systems and the test cases.

Dan in Atlanta

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