[DRBD-user] Update from DRBD 8.3.x to 8.4.4 and memory consumption

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Tue Nov 5 11:45:30 CET 2013

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Documentation for v8.4 drbd.conf says that minor-count can be a number
from 1 to 1048575 but if I have such global options:

global {
        usage-count no;
        minor-count 257;

drbdadm returns:

root at 63682049:~# drbdadm adjust all
/etc/drbd.conf:6: minor-count 257 => 257 out of range [1..255].

DRBD source code also does not indicate that I can set e.g. minor-count 500;

What is the difference between kernel module minor_count parameter and
minor-count option in config file?

Thanks for help

On 10/31/13 16:48, aluno3 at poczta.onet.pl wrote:
> I would like to update DRBD from v8.3.10 to v8.4.4 in my environment
> and have question about memory usage.
> I used minor_count=255 for DRBD (do not know how many resources we
> will have in the running system) module parameter in DRBD 8.3 and
> noticed that after update to 8.4.4, DRBD allocates about 256MB memory
> in case of usage minor_count=255. Do I need set minor_count to 255 in
> case when I do not know how many resources I will have in the running
> system? Should I use minor-count option in config file? What is the
> difference?
> Additional when I try to attach (without starting replication process)
> very big resources e.g. 16TB sometimes I get OOM killer because of not
> enough memory. Does DRBD need about 32MB memory for each 1TB of data
> assumption of using default values?
> Thanks in advance
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