[DRBD-user] adding a new volume to an existing resource

Wolfgang Routschka wolfgang.routschka at drumedar.de
Thu May 23 10:03:16 CEST 2013

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Hi Guys,

one question about adding new drbd volume in existing drbd resource.

I´m using compiled drbd-version 8.4.3 on Scientific Linux 6.4 64 Bit with a resource postfix and 2 volumes. Now I want to add a third volume but with exit code 255


resource postfix {

    volume 0 {
        device  /dev/drbd0;
        disk    /dev/vgsystem/lvpostfixetc;
        meta-disk internal;

    volume 1 {
        device  /dev/drbd1;
        disk    /dev/vgsystem/lvpostfixspool;
        meta-disk internal;

    volume 2 {
        device  /dev/drbd2;
        disk    /dev/vgsystem/lvpostfixlib;
        meta-disk internal;

    syncer {
        rate 200M;

        on  host01 {
                address IP-ADDRESS:7789;
        on host {
                address IP-ADDRESS:7789;
and adding the new volume

drbdadm adjust postfix
No valid meta data found
Command 'drbdmeta 2 v08 /dev/vgsystem/lvpostfixlib internal apply-al' terminated with exit code 255

How can I add the new volume?

Greetings Wolfgang

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