[DRBD-user] Timeout and Unconnected statuses

Matt Graham danceswithcrows at usa.net
Thu May 16 17:12:38 CEST 2013

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From: Евгений Аполлонский
> There is a 6 seconds interval between Timeout (or TearDown) and Unconnected

> connection statuses. Is it possible to eliminate or reduce this interval?
> DRBD version: 8.3.13

"man drbd.conf" :

timeout time
 If the partner node fails to send an expected response packet within
 time 10ths of a second, the partner node is considered dead and
 therefore the TCP/IP connection is abandoned. This must be lower
 than connect-int and  ping-int. The default value is 60 = 6 seconds,
 the unit 0.1 seconds.

...so, in your drbd.conf , have lines like

timeout 30

...in the "net" section of the resource(s) where you'd like the timeout to be
3 seconds instead of 6 seconds?  Try it out; the docs say it should work....

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