[DRBD-user] r0 ok, r1 PingAck did not arrive in time

Lukas Gradl proxmox at ssn.at
Thu Jun 27 16:01:20 CEST 2013

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Zitat von cesar <brain at click.com.py>:

> Hi  Lukas Gradl-4
> I have PVE 2.3 with the same problem
> But my NICs are Realtek, and soon i will change of brand for Intel, and i
> have connected in crossover-cable mode, because a "Switch" in the middle can
> change the data of the packets.
> Please answer this questions:
> What are the model of your NICs for use with DRBD on each PVE Node?

Intel 82574L on all NICs

> Do you have the link in crossover-cable mode (ie link NIC to NIC)?, if not,
> just do it !!! (DRBD suggested highly do NIC to NIC)

it is NIC to NIC

> The latest "PVE 2.3" and "PVE 3.x" version have the kernel for support DRBD
> 8.3.13, update your PVE and your DRBD and after you must do test. After,
> please  tell me about of this test.

We run a kernel with 8.3.10. As this is a production system it's not  
that easy to update.

There is already one DRBD-ressource configured (r0) which works  
perfect even under heavy load. So NICs and cabling seem to work quite  

Now we added a second ressource (r1) which has just a little  
test-system on it - and it crashed all the time.


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