[DRBD-user] Replication problems constants with DRBD 8.3.10

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Sun Jun 16 20:02:39 CEST 2013

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On 06/16/2013 06:29 AM, cesar wrote:
> Thanks Luca Fornasari for your answer
> Please let me tell you that:
> 1- I use direct conection for DRBD (NIC to NIC)
> 2-I don't have changed my sysctl.conf file, this file are as the original
> instalation.
> 3- Making tests, first I change the directive net data-integrity-alg sha1 to
> md5, and after of approximately one hour DRBD shows errors
> 4- After, i change the bond RR to active-backup, and DRBD shows errors again
> after of approximately one hour
> 5- About of fencing, is right that I need it, "but please for now i need
> help to resolve my problem of DRBD replication"
> *So any help or clue to solve my problem is welcome*

Take bonding out of the picture entirely for now. When dealing with 
problems, the first thing you do is take as many variables out of the 
equation you can.

If you are on 8.3.10, or 8.3.13, upgrade to 8.3.15. Perhaps your issue 
was resolved in an update.

With fencing, you would not have avoided the original problem, but you 
would have protected the setup from a split-brain and would still be 
operating, albeit in a degraded state.

> *Questions:*
> 1-Do you think that install DRBD 8.4.3 will solve my problem? (i can install
> it from the source)

8.3 to 8.4 was a massive jump. Stay in 8.3.x for now.

> 2- Any other idea for solve my problem?
> 3- Or anyone that uses DRBD 8.3.13 without the directive "net
> data-integrity-alg" , and after a long time (for example one month or more),
> when execute by CLI "drbdadm verify <Resource-Name>" not shows errors of
> DRBD ???
> *I will be extremely grateful to you or anyone who can help me !!!*
> Best regards
> Cesar

If you are needing to fix this immediately, then I would call Linbit and 
ask for (paid) support. They will fix this better than anyone else can. 
If you can't wait until Monday, Hastexo is available for (paid) support 
24/7. They are also extremely capable with DRBD and HA support.

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