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Dirk Bonenkamp - ProActive dirk at proactive.nl
Wed Jun 12 16:24:10 CEST 2013

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Hi Eric,

We did the same conversion about a year ago. We run MySQL with InnoDB on
a DRDB back-end. There's alot of stuff that's different between MyISAM
and InnoDB, but the DRBD thing is the same.

What you say about backups is correct, but this hasn't anything to do
with DRBD. DRDB will do fine, some other quick non-DRDB things:

- MySQL tuning is (even more) essential with InnoDB.
- InnoDB tables use (a lot) more diskspace than MyISAM, our disk usage
was nearly 300% of MyISAM's usage for the same dataset.
- If you want performance, you want to be able to load your dataset in

Kind regards,


Op 12-6-2013 15:44, Robinson, Eric schreef:
> We have been a MyISAM shop forever but we are considering switching to
> innodb. There is scant information available on using innodb with
> drbd. Are there special considerations and pitfalls? I have been told
> that it is not possible to backup innodb by doing a simple rsync of
> the data directory to another server like we can do with myisam. If
> that is true, what does that say about using innodb with drbd, which
> does essentially the same thing?
> --
> Eric Robinson
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