[DRBD-user] recovery from "page allocation failure"

Junko IKEDA tsukishima.ha at gmail.com
Mon Jun 3 14:55:01 CEST 2013

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I got the following error while running drbd-8.3.15,
kernel: drbd1_receiver: page allocation failure. order:4, mode:0x20

and I also found some kernel tuning tips in this list.

By the way, after this error, should we do any special task, for example,
restarting drbd service?
or kernel/drbd try to handle this situation automatically?

I saw the above error twice a day,
and PID for receiver was the same number,
so I am wondering;
- receiver thread was stopped, and try to restart
- receiver thread was not stopped, just suspend(waiting?)

How can drbd internal threads recover from this error?

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