[DRBD-user] Newbie - unable to enable the resource

Goutam Baul goutam.baul at rp-sg.in
Tue Jul 30 13:59:23 CEST 2013

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Dear List,


We are configuring DRBD for the first time using the DRBD manual. We are
planning to setup DRBD on our mail server running on RHEL 6.1 (64 bit), with
the sole objective to replicate the mail store and mail queue from our data
center to the DR site. Both the sites are connected with giga bit captive OF



We have installed  the following drbd rpm that was built from the source
drbd-8.4.3.tar.gz :-













We plan to have our meta data on a separate partition. The partition was
created with fdisk and is not having any file system created in it. The
configuration files drbd.conf, global_common.conf and maildrbd.res are
attached herewith for your kind reference.


After configuration we were proceeding further as per the manual. While
trying to enable the resources for the first time which are given as


1.      Create device metadata . (drbdadm create-md r0) This step was
executed successfully at both the nodes.


2.      Attach to backing device. (drbdadm attach  r0). This step is
generating the following error :-


[root at drbdtest2 ~]# drbdadm attach r0

1: Failure: (116) Lower device / meta device / index combination invalid.

Command 'drbdsetup attach 1 /dev/sda2 /dev/sda2 flexible' terminated with
exit code 10

[root at drbdtest2 ~]#


This error is being generated at both the nodes. We tried to figure out the
solution using google search but could not make much headway. Would request
your help to resolve this issue.






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