[DRBD-user] Relocating secondary volume

Charles Lyons - ConnetU charles at connetu.com
Thu Jul 25 18:30:14 CEST 2013

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Hi again,

We have a primary/secondary protocol C configuration. Before we take a 
secondary node down for maintenance or decommissioning, we want the 
ability to move the secondary volume elsewhere to retain as much 
redundancy uptime on the mirrored set as possible. We only want to do 
this for a secondary node; the primary should stay available at all times.

Our proposition starts with:

(1) drbdadm down <resource> on old secondary

(2) Copy the underlying block volume data from old secondary to the new host

(3) Update the primary configuration to reflect new host's IP and copy 
the revised config to the new secondary

Then, what is the next step to do to ensure the primary connects to the 
new secondary host rather than the old one? Is a "drbdadm adjust 
<resource>" sufficient for this?

I then assume we can just "drbdadm up <resource>" on the new secondary 
and any changes between step (1) and this point will now be re-synced so 
the volumes become UpToDate again?

What is unclear from documentation is whether a change in IP address of 
the secondary node will be accepted by the primary's "adjust" whilst the 
primary is still online and in-use, and/or whether it could cause 
problems re-establishing the connection.

Thanks in advance,

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