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Marcelo Pereira marcelops at gmail.com
Thu Jan 31 16:58:14 CET 2013

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Hello Everyone,

I'm about to perform an upgrade on my servers and I was wondering how to do

Here is the scenario:

Server A has 16x 1Tb hard drives, under RAID-6.
Server B has 16x 1Tb hard drives, under RAID-6.

And both are in sync, using DRBD.

I though about replacing the hard drives for 2Tb units, one by one.

So, on each run, I would:
* Remove a 1Tb disk
* Add a 2Tb disk
* Wait for it to rebuild the RAID
After replacing ALL disks, I would expand the RAID unit, on each server.

However, I was wondering how DRBD would "like" this procedure.

I know that, before "expanding" the RAID, the cluster size, and the block
numbers would remain the same, as I would be "wasting" the extra space on
the newly added drives.

So, after "both" servers have all the drives replaces, and the RAID is
properly rebuild. Would that be a problem to expand it? How would DRBD
handle it?

I will appreciate any comment or suggestion here.



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